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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,000+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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Before you submit - let's check

We want you to become a Chartered member and are committed to making it as stress free as possible for you. The following documents are recommended reading before you continue with your submission:

  1. Self Evaluation
  2. Guidance for Candidates
  3. Profiles of Fictional Candidates eligible for Chartership Status
  4. HRINZ HR Competencies

Preparing your submission answers...

You have a couple of options as to how you might like to prepare your submission and they are:
  1. Save your submission at the bottom of the form and continue it at a later date that suits you. Simply insert your email address and we'll email you a unique code to continue it when you're ready.
  2. Take some time to consider your answers for the submission below by completing this template and then copy and paste your answers to the appropriate question.
The application process does not require further study and does not require you to take an exam. The Chartering Assessment Panel will review your application. If a Candidate doesn't meet the competency requirements at any of the 3 stages then they are sent feedback on where the shortfall(s) are and they are invited to reapply.

Recommendations that make the process smoother for Candidates:

  • Read the Competency Framework descriptors for "Competent" (they are on the HRINZ website) before making a submission
  • Be concise in your narratives - the examples of what you did in each area is what Assessors are looking for - you only have 250 words so choose them carefully
  • Make sure the contact details for your referees are included in the submission - if you put TBA it will reject; we contact you before contacting any references so there is no risk
  • The process does take time - most Assessors are Chartered Fellows and have busy jobs - they support HRINZ Chartering in a volunteer capacity, so please be patient
  • If your submission falls a bit short of making it to the next stage of the process, don't be disheartened - The Panel Chair will provide you with constructive feedback and offer to assign an independent Assessor who can help you with individual coaching
  • Virtually all interviews are conference call ... Skype calling has been problematic as some organisations block it, and only at Conference time might face-to-face interviews take place

Think you are ready to apply?

Click here to begin your submission!

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