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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,000+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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Career Development Framework

The HRINZ Competencies were designed to support and work in conjunction with the Career Development Framework.

The HRINZ Career Development Framework has been designed to assist members who are already working in HR but would like to develop their HR career further. This framework can also be used to inform people who are interested in pursuing a career in HR, or have just joined the profession, that there is a defined career assistance programme for them to participate in.

HRINZ is able to offer this support by using a defined Career Development programme, which includes: CareerLog, Mentoring & Coaching Programme and Professional Accreditation Programme. Continuing Professional Develop (CPD) will be coming in the future.

By using the CareerLog, members can monitor and assess their career progress. The CareerLog enables members to identify areas to develop, strengthen or enhance, and decide whether that will be by education, gaining more exposure through employment, mentoring or coaching.

Members can start looking to use the following services: :


As a HRINZ member you will be able to apply for a mentor to assist and support your career development.


As a HRINZ member you will be able to access the coaching directory, to contact coaches to assess what areas you need assistance and coaching in.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD project has been put on hold. 

Professional Accreditation

By using the CareerLog Employment History section, which provides a full overview of your career progression to-date, you will be able to see at a glance how your career competency measures against the HRINZ benchmarks for Professional Accreditation and what areas you need to strengthen or gain experience in to meet the competency benchmark in this area. Post Nominals that are awarded are a visual symbol of your credibility in your profession to the business world.


The CareerLog enables our members to record, track and monitor work history and achievements in the workplace; manage Professional Development needs; and maintain Continuous Professional Development, business credibility and commitment to the HR Profession. There are six main functions of the CareerLog:

  1. Employment History - Provides the member with an employment summary.
  2. Career Progression - Provides an overview of career progression to date, and allows monitoring of employment progress against the HRINZ Benchmarks for Professional Accreditation.
  3. Events - Provides a record of HRINZ and non-HRINZ events that a member has attended - to assist with monitoring.
  4. Personal Reflections - Provides an area which members can reflect upon past goals, objectives and achievements; and set new goals and objectives which can be personal or professional.
  5. Notes - Provides the opportunity for members to make notes on events or training courses they have attended.
  6. Reminders -  Enables the member to set reminders for events, personal goals or reflections.

This Career Development Framework proposes ways to support you and this entails a complete Career Development package that starts when a member joins and continues through with the membership until retirement.

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