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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,000+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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Career Log

What is the Career Log?

The HRINZ Career Log (C-Log) is part of HRINZ Career Development Programme which will assist members to track, record and manage their ongoing professional development.

The C-Log provides HR Professionals with an online tool enabling them to develop and maintain their on-going professional development, business credibility and commitment to the HR profession. 

The C-Log is fully searchable, quick and easy to use, with information automatically updated and located in one central area.

As a member you will be able to record events, employment history, professional courses, special projects, insert additional notes or comments regarding any special projects you are involved in, as well as being able to set personal and professional goals and objectives.

All HRINZ events you register for and attend will be automatically updated directly into your C-Log, any non HRINZ events can be manually uploaded by the member with confirmation of attendance sent to HRINZ for C-Log validation. Any information held in the C-Log can only be accessed and viewed by you, the member.

The C-Log has been designed to work in conjunction with our internationally benchmarked: HRINZ HR Competencies, Professional Membership Accreditation, Mentoring Programme and HRINZ Professional Development Courses.

Who can use the Career Log?

All HRINZ members are able to use the the C-Log.

We would recommend that all members start using the C-Log as soon as you become a member of HRINZ.

In one central area you will be able to monitor, track and evaluate your career progress to date, allowing you to identify any areas of professional development that you need to strengthen, enhance or acquire. The C-Log is available online, accessible worldwide, fully searchable and easy to use.

Why use the Career Log?

As part of the HRINZ Career Development Programme this is an invaluable tool to use as a part of your ongoing professional development.

As a member, one of the benefits of using the C-Log is that members will be able to monitor and assess their career progress. By using the personal progress chart, members will be able to identify any areas for personal development to develop, strengthen, expand or enhance. 

Members can then decide whether to target these identified areas using further education, gaining more exposure through employment, mentoring or coaching.

Updating your CV?
The C-Log will provide you with an up-to-date career history. The employment history section provides members with an updated employment summary, a full overview of your career progression to-date, and allows you to monitor your employment progress against the required HRINZ Benchmarks for Professional Membership Accreditation. Employment summaries and reports will be available for members to download.

Changing Jobs?
If you are looking to take on a new role in the work force, the C-Log will be an excellent tool for you. The C-Log will be able to assist you in organising your CV by identifying relevant special projects and providing access to your notes that can assist in up and coming interviews.

If you are in existing employment, you can use the special projects area to remind yourself of the responsibilities you have managed or been involved in, as well as demonstrating what you have already achieved, and what you are aiming to achieve professionally and personally from the Personal Reflections section.

Personal Performance Reviews
Your up-to-date C-Log is an especially valuable resource to use when you are going for your next performance review with your manager. You can record or plan any personal or professional objectives and focus on getting the most from your career opportunities.
(Alternatively, the C-Log can be used merely for your own personal satisfaction!)

Personal or Professional Goals
By using the C-Log, you will have a visual reminder demonstrating what you have already achieved, and what you are aiming to achieve professionally and personally.

Professional Membership Accreditation
You will be able to monitor your employment progress at a glance against the HRINZ HR Competencies for Professional Membership Accreditation and see if you are eligible to apply for Professional Membership Accreditation. This will allow you to be recognised for your experience, knowledge, skills and career achievement to-date.

Lastly, a future advantage of using the C-Log will be if HRINZ moves to a continuous professional development (CPD) model like some other professional organisations, you will have already collected and recorded this information.


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