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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,000+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Career Log?

The HRINZ Career Log (C-Log) is part of HRINZ Career Development Programme which will assist members to track, record and manage their ongoing professional development.

It is an online, web driven tool, which members can access worldwide, it is fully searchable, all the information is automatically updated, is located and recorded in one central area.

Our Career Log has been designed to work in conjunction with the HRINZ Competencies, Accreditation, Mentoring, Education, Professional Development and has internationally benchmarked.

Who can use it?

All HRINZ members will be able to use the Career Log.

When should I start using the Career Log?

We would recommend that you start using the Career Log as soon as you become a member of HRINZ.

Where will it be located?

The Career Log is located in the Members Only area of the website, as it is a HRINZ member benefit.

Why should I use the career log?

Part of the HRINZ Career Development Programme for members to use, this is an invaluable tool to use to as part of your ongoing professional development.

In one central area you will be able to monitor, track and evaluate your career progress to date, allowing you to identify any areas of professional development that you need to strengthen, enhance or acquire.

It is available online, accessible worldwide, fully searchable and easy to use. Any HRINZ Event you attend will be automatically be updated to your career log.

As a member you will be able to insert any additional notes or comments regarding special projects you are involved in, as well as being able to set yourself personal goals and objectives.

This can be used as a visual reminder to demonstrate what you have already achieved, what you are aiming to achieve professionally and personally. This could be an especially valuable resource to use when you are going for your next performance review with your manager. Or you could just use this for your own personal satisfaction.

The employment history section will provide you with an updated employment summary, a full overview of your career progression to date and allow you to monitor your employment progress against the required HRINZ Benchmarks for Professional Accreditation. Employment summaries and reports will be available to members to download.

A future advantage, will be if HRINZ moves to a continuous professional development (CPD) model like some other professional organisations, you will have already collected and recorded this information.

How are my HRINZ Branch events verified?

All HRINZ events or HRINZ professional development courses, will be automatically transferred to your career log upon confirmation of your attendance at that event.

When you arrive at the HRINZ Branch event you will be asked by your local Branch member to sign an event attendance register to confirm your attendance.

The attendance registers will be sent to National Office, who will automatically verify your attendance at that event and update your career log status.

The National Office will aim to process all attendance registers between 5-10 days of the event being held.

Please note that all members must confirm their attendance by signing the event attendance register at each HRINZ event.

If members do not sign the attendance register, confirmation of attendance at that event cannot be verified and processed.

Will any of the previous HRINZ events I attended be included in my Career Log?

From 1st Nov 2008, all HRINZ events and courses will automatically be updated  in members Career Log upon confirmed attendance at that event.

Any HRINZ events or courses that members have attended previously before the launch of the Career Log will not be backdated or verified.

How are my Non-HRINZ Branch events verified?

All non HRINZ events, courses or academic qualifications must be manually added to your Career Log.

As this event or course has not been provided by HRINZ but from an external provider, the onus will be on you the member, to provide confirmation of your attendance on this course or event.

Members can contact the National Office, sending course/event confirmation and enclosing official documentation to prove attendance or academic achievement.

Upon receiving confirmation from you at National Office, your event/course entry status will be updated from pending to accepted.

(Please note that HRINZ reserves the right to ask the member for official confirmation and/or documentation to prove that you have attended this event, training course or achieve this qualification).

Can I record any of my previous non HRINZ events or courses I have attended in MY Career Log?

Any non- HRINZ events or training courses, you have previously attended and wish to include in your Career Log, can be manually added into the events section.
This event will be shown in the pending section, until the member provides written confirmation of your attendance on this course or event to National Office.

Upon receiving confirmation from you at National Office, your event/course entry status will be updated from pending to accepted. 

Members should note that the onus is on you, the member to provide documentation to verify their attendance on all non-HRINZ courses or events.

What are the main features?

The main features that members will be able to use are:

  • HRINZ Events

    In this area you can view your recent attendance of any HRINZ events and professional development courses on the home page.  Within the event section is an area for you to insert any notes or comments against these events. HRINZ events will be automatically updated in your career log upon confirmation of your attendance.

  • External Events or Training Courses 

    In this area you can record your attendance of any external or non HRINZ events, training courses or educational courses along with inserting any comments or notes on against these events. Confirmation of attendance to any non HRINZ events or training courses will have to be confirmed by email or hard copy by the member to the National Office to update this entry on the career log.

  • Professional Development Courses and Academic Study

    If you have attended any non HRINZ professional development courses, you can record in the events area, along with inserting any notes or comments against this course.

    If you have achieved further academic qualifications or currently studying for further academic qualifications, you can record this information in the events area, along with inserting any notes.

    Any HRINZ professional development courses attended will automatically be updated on your career log upon confirmation of attendance.

  • Employment History

    In this area you can record all the positions you have held including dates, key duties and responsibilities, and your involvement in any special projects to-date.

  • Special Projects

    This section which is found under the employment history area, will allow you to list any special projects that you are involved in or managing.

  • Personal Reflections

    This area is just for you, to set your own goals and objectives whether they are personal or professional. No one has access to view this area except you.

  • Set up Reminders

    In this area you can set up reminders about forthcoming meetings, courses or events you wish to attend.

  • Add Notes
    In this area you can add notes or comments on any courses or events you have attended or are about to attend.

Career Progress

You will be able to monitor your employment progress at a glance against your professional progress graph measured against the HRINZ Competency Benchmarks for Professional Accreditation.

What are Accepted  and declined Events/Training Courses

Accepted Events:
All events that have been manually added to your Career Log and have been verified by National Office will by the following steps listed above, will be moved to the approved events area.

Declined Events:
Any events or courses that have been manually added to your Career Log and no confirmation of attendance has been provided by the member will be moved to the declined events area.
Declined events can also included events or training courses, that have no business or human resource management application for professional career development ie knitting or yoga courses.

Who can see my information?

The information held in the career log can only be accessed and viewed by that member. Therefore, any event notes or personal reflection entries will remain private.

However, once you have applied for professional accreditation, your employment history section only, may be viewed by HRINZ Research & Education Manager in order to process your professional membership application.

What's in it for me, as I am mid-career?

The career log will assist anyone who is mid career to evaluate to-date their professional career which will enable them to identify any areas they would like to strengthen, expand, develop or enhance.

As well as, providing members the opportunity to monitor and maintain their ongoing continuous professional development and commitment to the HR Profession.

What's in it for me, as I am unemployed?

If you are unemployed this is an excellent tool for you!

The career log will be able to help you organise for your CV, identify areas of importance from your employment history and any additional notes for up and coming interviews.

Along with using the personal reflections section, to plan any personal or professional objectives and focus on getting the most from your career opportunities.

Is there any online support available?

There are links to help documents available from each section of the career log.

However, if you find you still need help with a particular issue, email or give us a call at National Office.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Career Log?

If you are experiencing any problems accessing the career log or completing the career log sections, please contact HRINZ's National Office.



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