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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,000+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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HRINZ Student Ambassador Programme

HRINZ has made a commitment to work with the academic community in New Zealand. One of the ways we do this is by connecting tertiary students with practitioners through the HRINZ Student Ambassador Programme.

This year we have 10 programme placements available throughout New Zealand and each includes complimentary registration at the HRINZ NZ HR Conference & Expo and one year's complimentary HRINZ Student Membership. Successful applicants are the "face of HRINZ and HR" on their campus for the year, promoting and educating on their future profession.

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HRINZ Student Ambassadors


Ayla Hutchison, Victoria University of Wellington


I was drawn to major in HRIR and minor in MGMT within my Commerce degree because I like working with people, on issues that matter to people. In addition to studying Commerce, I am also a fourth-year law student. One of my prominent career aspirations is to work in a corporate environment, within a role that combines both HRM and legal work. I currently work at BNZ as a Customer Service Consultant and have found a passion for the banking industry, moreover I would love to work within HRM at BNZ or a similar organisation.

Elerie Oldman, University of Waikato

Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Human Resource Management and Economics

I aspire to make a positive change to the nature of human resources within the company I will be working for. My goal before completing my degree is to intern through the paper HRMG495 for a company which has similar values to mine, such as Fonterra. I have recently applied for Fonterra's 2018 internship and am awaiting a reply to see if my application will be going further.
My 5 year goal is to be a Human Resource Manager for a small to medium business in Hamilton.

Grace Dalton, University of Otago

Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology

Throughout my life I have consistently been passionate towards the value of people and the benefits of team building and negotiations. It wasn't until I began university where I was able to study HRM and Psychology to further explore these outlets and cement my passion in the career. My aspirations for a career in Human Resource Management would be heavily weighted towards Occupational Psychology and Industrial Relations. The power of gaining the most optimum outcome from an employee's strengths through methods such as stress management and selecting personnel are aspects of HR which are becoming exceedingly popular in the workplace, and are characteristics of which I would intend to incorporate into my own daily practices.

Josh Winter, University of Canterbury

Bachelor of Commerce - Majoring in Human Resources and Operations Management

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be Majoring in Human Resource Management along with Operations and Supply Chain Management, a somewhat bewildered look might appear on my face. I haven't always had an enthusiasm for Human Resource Management from the get go. It wasn't until I embarked on my journey at the University of Canterbury that I developed a passion for HR. In three to five years, I see myself working within a management consulting services firm dealing with people and change, or leveraging human capital via improvements in performance and productivity through talent strategies. My long-term goals include setting up my own HR consulting dealing with all facets of HR.

Jackson Barber, Victoria University of Wellington

Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Human Resource Management & Psychology)

I believe HRM is something I have subconsciously been gravitating towards during the duration of my work life so far. I have found that everywhere I have worked I get frustrated, frustrated by the lack of efficiency that seems to consume so many everyday workplaces. The frustrations I have often felt stems from employees not being prioritised. Whether it is insufficient breaks, insufficient instructions, and sometimes just general lack of leadership from which they can follow. This lack of prioritisation, I have noticed, has so many consequential negative outcomes and is why I believe that the resource of people is an organisations biggest asset.

Munaal Abdali, Auckland University of Technology

Master of Business, Human Resources and Employment Relations

My exposure to HRM in the workplace and my education has further intrigued my interest in HR and the pivotal role that it plays from the acquisition of the right talent to the development of their career. I am particularly interested in the 'digitalization of HR' and specially the change in learning and development platforms and trends and the way it can revolutionize the learning patterns of employees.

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Tina Li, Massey University, Auckland Danielle Hunt, Massey University, Auckland Makarita Tangitu-Joseph, University of Waikato
Bryony Aitken-Fincham, Victoria University of Wellington Laura Duquemin, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Laura Featherstone, Victoria University of Wellington
Caitlin Shannon, Massey University Tegan Ireland, University of Waikato Ayla Tranter, University of Canterbury
Ella McDonald, University of Waikato Melissa Walker, University of Canterbury
Jessica Lewis, Victoria University of Wellington Paige Kaye, Victoria University of Wellington Leah Barker, Massey
Matt Hesson, University of Otago Simon White, University of Otago Harriet Riley, Victoria University of Wellington

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