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Professional Membership Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Professional Membership?

Professional Membership of HRINZ denotes the achievement of a pre-requisite level of competence, skills, knowledge, expertise and experience. The qualification is recognised by HRINZ and peers as a high standard of professionalism attained by senior HR practitioners.

Professional Membership adds value to HRINZ and the individual. It demonstrates recognition of Human Resource Management as a profession. Employers are now recognising the value of  Professional Membership accreditation and are seeking applicants who are accredited.

There are three categories for Professional Membership Accreditation:

  • Generalist - MHRINZ
  • Specialist - MHRINZ
  • Academic - MHRINZ

Application for Professional Membership Accreditation is a formal process completed online. All applications are considered by the HRINZ Practitioner Grading Panel, comprised of Professional Members or, the HRINZ Academic Grading Panel, compromised of Academic Professional Members.

What are the HRINZ HR Competencies?

There are five areas of competency that have been identified as being crucial in the practice of Human Resource Management, they are:

  • HR Delivery
  • Strategic Contribution 
  • Business Knowledge
  • Business Technology
  • Personal Credibility 

Why apply – what’s in it for me?

The key advantage of Professional Membership of HRINZ is recognition.

Professional Membership Accreditation demonstrates that Academics and HR practitioners have satisfied HRINZ that they have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, skills, expertise and experience as well as possessing an ongoing commitment to HR professionalism and excellence in a tertiary or workplace environment. Accreditation also provides a visual reminder to others that the member has advanced skills, knowledge and credibility in Human Resource Management.

It helps HR practitioners to identify gaps in their experience, competence, expertise, knowledge or skills that may hinder their advancement in HR. By recognising and giving attention to these areas, practitioners will be able to move ahead quicker and achieve the recognition they deserve.

Academics will gain recognition by HRINZ for their teaching and research outcomes which will benefit Human Resource Management in the New Zealand and the business community.

When should a member apply?

HR practitioners who are operating at the 'Competent' level of the HRINZ HR Competencies or greater should apply for Professional Membership Accreditation. Academics who hold a Postgraduate tertiary qualification in HRM and have a minimum of five years teaching experience in a tertiary institution should apply.

  • HR practitioner applicants applying for Generalist status must be able to demonstrate HR experience, skills, expertise and knowledge at the 'Competent' level.
  • HR practitioner applicants applying for Specialist status must have at minimum experience at the 'Advanced' level in their area of speciality and have a relevant tertiary qualification in their speciality field.
  • Applications received from recent immigrants must be conversant with the Employment Relations Act 2000 and be compliant with the relevant statutory and legislative requirements pertaining to Human Resource Management in New Zealand.
  • Applicants applying for Academic status must hold a least a Postgraduate tertiary qualification in HRM or a related field, have taught HRM courses at an effective level in a tertiary environment for a minimum of five years, with effectiveness evidenced by teaching quality assessments of an appropriate kind (typically a mix of peer and student reviews) and/or have spent some years in HRM management at a relatively senior level.

How do I apply?

For HR practitioners, the process is undertaken online. The HRINZ Practitioner Grading Panel assess each applciation based on Qualifications and Learning; Contribution; Results; Influence; and Competence.

For academics, applicants will be required to apply online and attach a copy of their CV, evidence of their teaching effectiveness and referee reports.

HRINZ advises applicants to become familiar with the Professional Membership criteria and steps before applying.

How long does it take to Complete the Applications Process?

Generalist & Specialist Applications

Applications received from HR practitioners must be made using the HRNIZ Application Form. The application process takes approximately 90+ minutes to complete. Applicants are required to provide the names of a minimum of three referees to validate their statements made in the  Application Form.

The Practitioner Grading process may take up to four weeks to complete, unless advised otherwise.

Academic Applications

Applicants must read the Academic criteria for Professional Membership and complete the academic online form for Professional Membership. The HRINZ Academic Grading Panel take approximately four to eight weeks to process applications.

What are the Professional Membership Indicators for HR practitioners' applications?

Applications received for Practitioner Generalist or Specialist Professional Membership will be assessed based on these five indicators:

  • Education and Ongoing Learning - appropriate HRM tertiary qualifications and continuous learning 
  • Contribution - evidenced based
  • Results - what were the impact of the applicant's interventions on the organisation, how this was measured, to be validated by the applicant's referees
  • Influence - how the applicant built and maintained respect, influenced across the organisation, developed and maintained relationships internally and externally. To be validated by the applicant's referees
  • Competence - applicants applying for Generalist category must be at the 'Competent' level in all five HRINZ HR Competencies. For Specialist category applicants must be at the 'Advanced' level in the area of speciality, plus 'Competent' level for six of eight remaining sub-competencies under HR Delivery, and at a minimum 'Competent' level for Strategic Contribution, Business Knowledge, Business Technology and Personal Credibility. Specialists will have an appropriate tertiary qualification to support their area of expertise. Referees to validate and support the applicant's level of competence 

These indicators are assessed from evidence supplied by the applicant in their Application Form and the applicant's nominated referees.

Applications received for Academic Professional Membership will be assessed by the Academic Grading Panel based on their qualifications, teaching effectiveness including feedback from students, research undertaken and literature published and verification from referees nominated by the applicant.

How do I apply for Professional Membership?

To apply for Professional Membership Accreditation, applicants are required to complete these steps:

1. Read the HRINZ HR Competencies and Accreditation Process

HRINZ recommends that members applying for Practitioner Professional Membership Accreditation read through and understand the HRINZ HR Competencies and accreditation process.

This will ensure applicants understand what the Practitioner and Academic Grading Panels application criteria is, and what information must be included in their Professional Membership Accreditation application form.

2. Application Form

Applicants must use the online Application Form to complete application and are required to:

  • Select which level of accreditation applying for - Generalist or Specialist.
  • List the title of positions held (most recent first).
  • Provide evidence based examples of work and results of interventions, impact on organisation and what the benefits were. 
  • Provide the details of three referees, one of which must be your immediate manager or for Specialists the clients you work for most often.
  • Click Submit.

All applicants must give their referees the authority to discuss their work experience with a member of the Practitioner  or Academic Grading Panel or a designated member of the HRINZ Head office Team (normally the Chief Executive), who will contact the referees as part of the HRINZ's application verification process.

What happens to my application after it is submitted?

  • HRINZ Head Office will vet applications for completeness before sending to the appropriate Grading Panel for assessment. Applications that require additional information will be returned to applicant to update and resubmit. Applicants will be advised by email what further information/details sought.
  • Verbal referee checks will be conducted with the applicant's nominated referees, one must be the applicant's current manager or for Consultants the clients you work with on a regular basis and can verify the statements you have made in the application form. 
  • The appropriate Grading Panel (Practitioner or Academic) will review all applications received and may conduct verbal referee checks with the  applicant's nominated referees.
  • HRINZ Head Office will keep applicants updated on the progress of their application during the process. 
  • The Grading Panel's decisions are recommended to the HRINZ Board for ratification. The period of time from receipt of application to final decision can take between four to eight weeks, depending on the availability of referees  and the completeness of application received.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email and followed up with a formal letter from the HRINZ National President.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter from the Chair of the Grading Panel advising that their application was unsuccessful and provide constructive feedback stating the reasons and what is required to achieve approval status in the future. 
  • Privacy: All personal information received by HRINZ and the HRINZ Practitioner Grading Panel or HRINZ Academic Grading Panel relating to the applicant’s application for Professional Membership will be collected, used and stored in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Practitioner Professional Membership enquiries should be directed to the HRINZ Head Office Team.
  • Academic Professional Membership enquiries should be directed to the HRINZ Head Office Team.
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