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Chartered Fellow Self Nomination Guidelines

This guide is designed to assist applicants to complete the self nomination form for Chartered Fellow.

Chartered Fellow

Chartered Fellow status may be granted to HRINZ members who have been approved as a Chartered Member and have the right to use the post nominal CMHRINZ. It provides proof that the member has met the requirements of the ‘Competent’ level of the HRINZ HR Competencies, are recognised by their peers as senior HR practitioners who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

HRINZ members who meet the criteria for Chartered Fellow must demonstrate that they have given outstanding service to their organisation(s), the HR profession or have brought distinction to it over and above others working under the same conditions and environment. Chartered Fellows are recognised by the post-nominal CFHRINZ.

The applicant must provide the names of three referees who can validate the application form and have agreed to provide a verbal referee report on behalf of the applicant.

Chartered Fellow applications can only be submitted and received during the months of November and December. Applications received after that will not be considered until the following year.

Criteria for Chartered Fellow

To be awarded a Chartered Fellowship, the applicant must have given outstanding service to the organisations they have worked for or brought distinction to the HR profession and community.

Being awarded Chartered Fellowship is expected to reflect positively on the HR community, the profession and the member.

To qualify as a Chartered Fellow the applicant must demonstrate, as a minimum, at least one of the following:

  • Excellence and high achievement in their career that reflected positively on their organisation(s), the HR profession and community
  • Served with distinction as a local Branch Committee member or, served on a HRINZ appointed Board/Committee or, internationally in HR profession or, the local community or be influential in the development/training of Human Resource Management to meet future needs
  • Excellence and acknowledgement in research (relevant to the HR profession), teaching, writing or academic environment.

Application Timeframe

Chartered Fellow self nomination applications must be received by HRINZ over November and December each year. Applications received outside of this timeframe will not be considered until the following year.

Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application in March or sometime there after. Presentation of the new Membership Certificate will take place at a suitable Branch function or at the New Zealand HR Conference and Expo, or on another suitable occasion.

Assessment and Approval Process

Applicants will complete the online application form, attach supporting documents as appropriate and submit.

  • Chief Executive will check application for completeness and conduct referee checks.
  • The Board considers the application, and either accepts or declines the application.
  • The applicant is advised of the Board’s Decision and the local Branch is advised.
  • HRINZ Head Office Team prints Chartered Fellow Certificate and either sends to the local Branch for presentation at a networking event or presented at the NZ HR Conference and Expo, or on another suitable occasion.

Application Form

Applicants must complete all four sections of the online self nomination application form. Failure to complete the application form in full may cause a delay in the process for up to one year.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain agreement of their nominated referees to provide a verbal referee report before submitting the application form. The referees will be contacted by telephone. The referee interview should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.


Applicants accept and agree that the information supplied by them will be shared with their nominated referees, the Chief Executive and the Board.

HRINZ will notify the applicant in writing of the outcome of their application. It will only advise the local Branch where the applicant’s application was successful.

All information shared shall be used only for the purpose for which it is collected - assessing the applicant’s suitability for Chartered Fellow.

All applications for Chartered Fellow status shall be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Queries/Further Assistance

For further information please contact

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