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Creating an Energized Workplace Culture for Optimal Performance

Date Time Presented by Registration
21 August 12.00pm - 1.00pm Lauren Parsons, Wellbeing Specialist Registrations closed

Do you have staff that are stressed, burnt-out or under-performing? Would you like to create an energised workplace culture, where productivity soars and people can thrive and perform at their best?

Wellbeing directly impacts on staff productivity, affecting mood, focus and problem solving ability. By investing time creating a positive culture that takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and human performance you can greatly increase efficiency, outputs and your bottom line.

Teach and inspire your staff how to harness the power of positive movement throughout their day in order to be more creative, alert, accurate and able to perform at a higher level both physically and cognitively.

What would participants gain from attending the Webinar?

Participants will:

  • Discover why sitting at desk and working at a screen for extended periods is inefficient
  • Understand the science behind our physiology's impact on thought processes and mental capacity
  • Learn how to harness the power of ultradian rhythms throughout the day
  • Be introduced to Lauren Parsons' unique 'Snack on Exercise' philosophy
  • Be equipped with practical strategies to integrate positive movement into your staff's routines
  • Know how to initiate, create and maintain an energised workplace culture that boost productivity and total wellbeing
Presented by Lauren Parsons, Wellbeing Specialist

As an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist, Lauren Parsons specialises in helping organisations create a high energy, peak performance culture, leading to a competitive advantage. Her unique snack on exercise philosophy and time-saving solutions help busy people re-discover how to feel vibrant, confident and energised.

Author of real food less fuss, founder of the online programme Get Fit Feel Fabulous, Revitalise Wellbeing Retreats and the Snack on Exercise movement. Lauren is passionate about equipping and inspiring people to truly boost their health and happiness. With 17 years' experience in the health and wellbeing profession in New Zealand, she is a sought after speaker, coach and consultant and a master of engaging audiences and leaving them uplifted.

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