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Increase Your Personal Resilience for Work and Life!

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Increasing personal resilience is essential to Human Resources Management from both a leadership and organisational perspective. This course provides HR practitioners with a greater understanding of the underlying psychological mechanisms of personal resilience and delivers some practical tools to enable them to respond more positively to work demands, lead staff to develop their own personal resilience, increase innovation and productivity in the workplace, and reduce common issues such as bullying, depression and anxiety within their teams. Participants will also learn how to build personal and social resources; and tame the mind to remain in control of emotions during challenging times - tools that promote personal growth and resilience both at work and in life.

Who should attend the course?
This course is essential for new supervisors/team leaders or emerging leaders, HR Advisors and line managers seeking an understanding of personal resilience and some helpful tools to create positive change in the workplace.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • A greater understanding of resilience and the development of emotional intelligence in leaders;
  • The confidence to lead staff to develop their own personal resilience;
  • An increased awareness of common negative responses to challenges, where they come from and how to transform them for better results;
  • The confidence to create a climate of psychological safety in the workplace and to use new tools for improved conflict resolution, including workplace bullying;
  • The ability to apply simple yet effective strategies that create a positive impact on relationships at work and in life;
  • The ability to use effective stress reduction techniques such as simple meditations and visualisations to identify and transform unhelpful internal beliefs and thoughts.

What are the key topics covered?

  • Introduction to personal resilience
  • Development of emotional intelligence in leaders
  • Developing personal resilience in staff
  • Negative emotions – how to recognise and transform them
  • Stress reduction techniques, including meditation and visualisation

About the Presenter

Dani Rius is a professional coach, academic, researcher, facilitator and speaker with an MSc in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, and MA in Research Methods (Education), and a BA in Teaching.
During her Masters studies, Dani carried out a significant amount of research into resilience studies that were further extended during her work with the University of Canterbury Resilience Research group at the Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Dani is trained in the Tony Robbins’ Strategic Intervention method and facilitates programmes with deep care for her customers. She delivers both professional and personal development programmes with a focus on executive and leadership coaching, experiential workshops, inspirational talks and mindfulness coaching. Her wide ranging professional development courses include personal resilience, productivity, leadership development and customer service.

Testimonials from Dani’s course, Increase Your Productivity and Resilience:

“Wow Dani! What an amazing day. So inspiring that I have spent the last two-and-a-half hours since I got home jotting down my takeaway learnings from the day and starting a Results Based Action Plan so I don’t forget the many ‘aha’ moments. Dani, you have inspired me. Thank you! Every company owner and manager who wants to increase company productivity and staff engagement should put their staff through this course.
Joanna Giles, owner of Love Your Look

“I recently attended a Productivity and Resilience course run by Dani. I found the course to be very helpful. Dani delivers the course concepts in a practical way. I left the course with a number of insights and tools to help me to be more efficient with my time and get more out of my day.”
Olivia Donaldson, BNZ employee

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