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Career Agility for Individuals and Organisations

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14 March 12.00pm - 1.00pm Lorraine Smith Registrations closed

Join Lorraine Smith, Organisational Psychologist and Director of Careers and Change for LHH, for this 1 hour webinar exploring the benefits of cultivating career agility for individuals and organisations.

HR leaders are under increasing pressure to build the internal capability required to deliver more, deliver faster, and to shift focus and energy to meet emerging customer interests on a regular basis. To do this effectively, organisations need to modernise their understanding of what talent looks like, where to find it, and how to leverage it effectively. To navigate a world where organisations are constantly transforming, and where the nature of work is evolving, our talent management practices and personal career planning need to evolve to build more agility into how individuals and teams achieve success for themselves and the organisations they work with.

What would participants gain from attending the Webinar?

  • Definition of agility for organisations, teams and individuals
  • Understanding of the broader advantages of individual adaptability in building agile organisations
  • Increased clarity on adaptable skillsets
  • Clarity on how diversity and flexibility contribute to agility

Presented by Lorraine Smith, Lee Hecht Harrison

Lorraine is the Director, Careers and Change for Australia and New Zealand with Lee Hecht Harrison, based in Sydney. As a Chartered Psychologist registered in the UK and Australia, Lorraine has almost 15 years experience across talent management and organisational development.

Lorraine is an accredited team and executive coach, with training in conflict management and resilience building. She is an experienced trainer and facilitator, with technical expertise across a wide range of assessment methodologies and tools. With extensive experience in leadership development, best practice selection, and evaluation, Lorraine offers a unique blend of knowledge and skills for application at the organisational, team, and individual level.

Focused on harnessing diverse talent and achieving business success both internally and for clients, Lorraine is passionate about inclusion, strengths based careers building and the application of science to achieving transformational business outcomes.

About Lee Hecht Harrison

Organizations around the world are continuously transforming their businesses to drive growth and productivity. This involves changing a company's structure, culture, and capabilities. The challenge is how to execute all these leadership workforce changes properly, quickly and consistently across the organization to realize growth and productivity goals while carefully managing employee morale, engagement, and your employer brand to retain and attract key talent. Lee Hecht Harrison helps
companies simplify the complexity associated with transforming their leadership and workforce so they can accelerate results, with less risk. We do this by helping employees navigate change, become better leaders, develop better careers, and transition into new jobs. As the world's leading integrated Talent Development and Transition company, we have the local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry leading technology and analytics to provide insights and develop tailored solutions to critical talent and workforce initiatives, and execute them quickly and consistently, reducing brand and operational
risk. The result for organizations is better leaders, an engaged, productive and agile workforce, and a stronger culture and people brand so they can attract and mobilize the talent they need to grow. The result for individuals is better careers, increased career mobility, and positive regard for their current or former employer.

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