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Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

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HRINZ Research Funding

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) may from time to time commission research that supports the strategic goals of the Institute.

HRINZ maintains a research fund to encourage and support the publication of research into matters relating to the practice of Human Resource Management in New Zealand. The Board will seek interested parties to carry out that research on behalf of HRINZ.

All research completed will be the property of HRINZ.

Research Commissioning Process

From time to time the Board will call for proposals to complete specified research on behalf of HRINZ. Applicants should prepare a business case for funding to undertake the research stating how they meet the Research Funding Criteria as detailed below.

The members of the External Liaison, Influence and Research portfolio of the Board, assisted as necessary by relevant academics (one each from the university sector and the polytechnic sector, where such people are not members of the portfolio group) will assess applications. The portfolio members will recommend to the Board that they either approve or decline each application based on the match between the application and the below criteria.

The Research and Education Manager will establish a commercial agreement with approved research providers to ensure the completion of the specified research and contractual requirements (which will include a presentation of their findings at the Research Forum or National Conference and submitting their findings to the New Zealand Journal of Human Resource Management).

Criteria for Awarding Research Funding

1. Clarity/Focus

  • Research must clearly address the specified problem or issue and any specific requirements stipulated by HRINZ in commissioning the research
  • Research must have the potential to address the needs of HR practitioners, being written for and able to be applied by a practitioner audience

2. Methodology

  • The methodology must be fully developed and clearly articulated
  • The methodology must suit the issue or research topic
  • The methodology must be cost effective and provide value for money
  • The analysis methodology and dissemination channels should be appropriate
  • The timeframe for providing HRINZ with the results meets the Institute’s requirements

3. Applicant

  • The researcher (or their supervisor) will demonstrate experience undertaking published research
  • The applicant should provide evidence of their ability to work with HR practitioners and business
  • Where the applicant is a postgraduate student, their academic supervisor must be identified along with their track record in supervision
  • Where the applicant is a commercial entity, the researcher must be individually identified
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