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President's Message

Q I don't like socialising much and probably won't go to the dinner or party afterwards. Can I have a discount for not attending this part of the conference?

Sorry, no. Thanks to generous sponsorship this year the dinner and party are not paid for by your conference fees as sponsorship has covered this. However we think you should reconsider attending - the dinner and party have been organised for you to have time to network with your contemporaries - a very important part of any conference attendance.

Q I really want to attend the conference but I'm very busy at work and I can probably only get the first day off. Can I share the conference with a work colleague and let them attend the rest of the conference in my place?

Yes, but you will have to share the conference identity pass (though we can put both names on it). Access to all sessions, site visits, meals and networking events will be allowed only to people wearing official conference ID. No ID, no admittance.

Q Is the dinner/party a fancy dress occasion? I hate dressing up and looking silly.

Yes and no. The wearing of fancy dress is entirely optional, but we're hoping some of the less inhibited will dress up as we have a great social theme, 'Lost in Space - or just wanna have fun?'. You could appear as a Klingon, Mr Spock, R2D2, Darth Vadar, Princess Leia, Will Smith, Dr Who or the alien of your choice. If this is not your scene, we'll be providing antennae and masks so you can still join in the fun and look only slightly silly. If you choose not to take on a different identity, we recommend that you dress to look your best, semi formal to smart casual.

Q At what level is the conference pitched? I'm a line manager and would like to learn more about HR practices.

We think we have something for everyone, though obviously we're aiming at main stream HR practitioners who want to improve their communication and technology skills through this type of professional development. Participants can select the sessions that best suit their needs. We spent months researching our potential market, looking at other conferences and talking to HR practitioners and others who could help with the planning. The theme ensures that presentations will be interesting and current, but we think most are more likely to be at the leading edge of things. The interactive sessions and workshops will be practical, but will also have time for discussion and debate. The keynotes will be at the forefront of global HR trends.

Q What do the icons mean?

Each icon represents the session theme. We have technology represented by lightning bolts, communication is represented by 'talking heads', and HR Tools is represented with a hand holding a spanner. Keynote icons are stars, and networking events icons are a group of people. We think the icons indicate quite accurately the session content so that participants can quickly see where their interest lies (and what to expect). HR Tools sessions provide an opportunity for participants to gain specific product knowledge.