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President's Message

The year 2000, the 21st Century, the information super-highway, e-everything. Never before have we known so little. No use sitting there wondering how to cope. Get informed and grasp new technology like there is no tomorrow - because it will be yesterday without technology today.

E-commerce, e-business, internet, intranets, gigabyte speed desktop PCs with terabytes of memory, all in the last few years. To
o much information, too fast? Does technology impact on our ability to communicate well?

Our theme this year is all about communication, technology and the human resource management practitioner. There is a real expectation that we can and will communicate using electronic technology. And we need to discover how to use it more effectively. Not getting or receiving the message or losing it in the information 'black hole' may be the result.

This conference aims to raise awareness of the e-everything world, its impact on human resource management people and the jobs they are expected to do. It will do this through interactive workshops, a range of fringe events and in plenary sessions.

These new communication techniques and strategies to make human resource practitioners heard and understood are people focused, so it's not all 'techie' driven.

I am sure that you will gain knowledge, be inspired, swap ideas and make new contacts by participating in this premier event. I look forward to meeting you there.

Glenn Harris