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President's Message
HR Tools

HR WORKSHOPS - Hands-on learning for small groups of practitioners who want to gain new skills, insights and practical solutions.

Keith McGregor

Director, Gilmour McGregor Associates

Keith McGregor

Keith McGregor gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in the early seventies following which he spent 12 years in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an occupational psychologist. Since leaving the RNZAF in 1986, Keith has been the co-director of a Hutt Valley based practice of industrial and clinical psychologists working in a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

Keith's involvement with psychometric testing began in the NNZAF where a significant part of his work involved screening candidates for pilot, officer and technical training and developing tests to assist in this process. This work has continued in private practice through extensive involvement in psychometric testing, developing selection systems and personal counselling for career guidance, performance management, mentoring and team building.

HR Workshop F1, Wednesday 13 September 9.00am - 12.00pm
Confessions of a Psychometric Test Developer!

An insight into psychometric testing and the trials and tribulations of test development. The primary objective of this session is to equip HR practitioners with the background knowledge to make informed decisions about selecting and using psychometric tests and how to make sense of all the jargon and hype that has grown up around testing.

To achieve this objective, the presentation uses practical examples to explain the logic behind the testing process and reveal some of the hidden devices designed to detect characteristics such as faking good or masking feelings. The use of psychometric testing in selection, performance management, career development, team-building, outplacement and self development will also be addressed.


Damian D'Cruz

Consultant, Tall Poppies Consulting

Damian D'Cruz

Damian D'Cruz has worked as a designer and facilitator of training for both corporate and government organisations for the past seven years. He works for Tall Poppies Consulting based in Wellington. In the past two years he has moved from the purely face-to-face classroom style to assisting clients blend physical and online training initiatives.

Damian participated in an Internet based course during 1999 through the Walden Institute in Florida to become a Certified Online Instructor. Since completing this training, Damian has joined the Walden Institute faculty as an Internet Instructor and now teaches many subjects associated with instructional technologies.

HR WORKSHOP F2, Wednesday 13 September 9.00am - 12.00pm
e-training: the way of the future or just another e-fad?

A concentrated look at the pros and cons of modern training tools. Computer Based Training (CBT) and Virtual Classrooms are fast taking over from the traditional (physical) methods of training staff. This session will look at:

  • Legal and ethical issues - how much monitoring is acceptable and should staff be expected to "find time" to do online training when time is given to attend physical training.
  • The delivery mechanism - the reasons for the shift from CDROM to Intranet based training and the consequences for media design.
  • A project planning process to assess the organisation's needs as they relate to online training initiatives.
Roger Tweedy Evan Bayly
Director, Education Employment Services Director, Business Resource Management

Roger Tweedy has been working 'outside' since 1989 following HR roles in the financial sector. He has combined his passions of community education and development with sport, and his more commercial and organisational skills to make a second successful career. He is the founder of the NEWORK Centre in Wellington - an organisation providing stimulation and services to PWWOTO.

Evan Bayly has been a 'portfolio' worker and has worked with organisations and clients from the 'outside' for the past 20 years. A self-employed Business Coach/Consultant/Trainer, he has worked in the areas of business start up and development, advising clients on business development processes and providing an objective view of their business progression. Evan combines the theory of business gained from completing MBA studies with the practical experience of 'running his own show'.

HR WORKSHOP F3, Wednesday 13 September 9.00am - 12.00pm
Working Outside the Organisation

Work patterns in the 21st Century will be different to that which we have known since the industrial revolution. Many more of us will be 'working outside the organisation' for more of our working lives. The skills of self-employment and of work/life balance are now critical competencies to 'maintaining employability' - the new definition of career. This workshop will combine both the theory and the practical skills of portfolio work, providing stimulation to those who want to give it a try, and new ideas and directions for those already working in this way.


June Ranson

NZ Managing Director, ECA Asia Pacific

June Ranson is currently the NZ Managing Director for ECA Asia Pacific. She holds an MA in Psychology and Philosophy and Bachelor of Business Studies in Human Resource Management. June has extensive experience in assisting international companies with issues such as expatriate remuneration and benefits, overseas transfers, guidance on expatriate package development, immigration/emigration and transfer policies. Key clients projects undertaken include Fletcher Challenge, Ericsson Communications, Trade NZ etc.

HR WORKSHOP F4, Wednesday 13 September 2:00 - 5:00pm
Communication in Business: Just because we use the same words doesn't mean we use the same language

English may be the international language, but that doesn't mean it's understood universally. While people of different cultures may speak well, their comprehension of English may lag far behind. This workshop will explore the difference between low and high communication cultures; the extremely important subtleties in speech and language; and indirect language and nonverbal messages. With over 20 years experience in Personnel Management.


Geoff Summers
  Director HR , Victoria University of Wellington

Geoff Summers
Geoff Summers has been associated with employment relations in some form since the early 1970s when he became a trade union official in the Auckland Fire Brigades Union. In the late 1980s he was elected as the first National Secretary of the New Zealand Professional Firefighters' Union.

Since 1990, Geoff has held roles as National Safety and Health Manager, Director of Personnel, Strategic Human Resource Adviser, Human Resource Management Consultant (with a specific focus on remuneration) and Director of Human Resources (current role at Victoria University of Wellington).

Geoff is a member of Human Resources Institute of New Zealand; he has a Master of Business Administration Degree (with distinction) and a Master of Business Studies Degree in Human Resource Management (with distinction).

HR WORKSHOP F5, Wednesday 13 September 2:00 - 5:00pm
Negotiating an Employment Agreement: Learning the art of good faith bargaining in the new environment

Good faith will be an essential term in employment relations over the next few years with its incorporation in the new Employment Relations legislation. What does this mean for the practitioner negotiating on behalf of an employer, employee or union? What can each side expect to get from the other in regard to the information that the legislation requires to be shared? What information should be sought? What is the purpose of seeking such material? These are all questions that arise directly out of the good faith requirements, and have not had to be asked or answered in the past. This workshop will address all these matters and lead participants to an understanding of the significant changes that this concept will impose in employment negotiations. The related issue, of the breadth of business knowledge knowledge that each side of the table will need to accumulate to adequately operate within the good faith environment, will also be addressed - leading to a discussion on how this change could dramatically alter the skill base requirements of human resource professionals.


Catherine Wallace
  Lecturer, Massey University

Catherine Wallace
Catherine Wallace is a lecturer in communication at Massey University's Turitea campus. She is currently completing a PhD looking at the impact of Internet on business. She teaches the management of communications technology, business communication and business writing at the undergraduate level and e-commerce on Massey's MBA programme. She has worked with a range of organisations including Telecom, Toyota, Human Resources Institute of NZ (HRINZ), Women Into Self Employment (WISE), NZ Army, CentralPower and ANZ Bank.

HR WORKSHOP F6, Wednesday 13 September 2:00 - 5:00pm
The Internet is a management tool - fact or science fiction?

The use of the Internet to assist in management decision making should enhance the facilitation of both organisational and individual goals. Does this technology really add value to the bottom line through HR practice and decision making or has e-business gone too far?

This workshop will take a serious look at the applications of intranets and extranets as well as the internet as a management tool.


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