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2002 Conference


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Trend Spotter

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Wednesday 12th September - 9.00-12.00PM

F1 Talent New Paradigms on Recruiting
Christian Dahmen - Partner Human Capital, Arthur Andersen
F2 Balance The Vicious Cycle of the "Career/Lifestyle" Balance - can we ever get it right?
Jacquie Duffin, HR Manager, Recruitment Team, TMP Worldwide
F3 Results Does HR have a role in e-business/e-commerce initiatives?
Cliff Osborne, Head of HR and Training, Creative Training Systems NZ Ltd

Wednesday 12th September - 2.00-5.00PM

F4 Talent HRM and the Career Free Agent
Mary Mallon, Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Otago
F5 Balance Ecruiting - Fishing in the ocean or just the rock pool?
Robyn Hunt, Writer, commentator and leader in technology and disability and Graham Oliver, web developer
F6 Results 1994 to 2010: Future Directions for HR in New Zealand
Noel Burchell, Principal Lecturer, UNITEC Institute of Technology


Thursday 13th September 2001 - 11.00AM-12:30PM

A1 Talent Business focussed HRM - or Knowing Where You're Going
Ian Beardwell, deMontford University, Leicester, UK
A2 Balance e-Workplace: leveraging technology so employees achieve balance
Ken Goodwin, General Manager HR and Michelle McCormack, Professional Development Consultant, Unisys
A3 Results Optimising the HR Delivery Solution
Bill Farrell

Thursday 13th September 2001 - 2.30-4.00PM

B1 Talent High touch + low touch =(talent)
Heather Miles, Chief Executive, Mariner7
B2 Balance Preparing Your In-House IT 'Talent' for the E-environment
Pak Yoong, Senior Lecturer and Foundation Director of Masters programme in Information Systems, School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington
B3 Results It's About Making Sure That Success Succeeds - Triple Bottom Line Reporting
Mike Johnson, HR Manager, Landcare Research

Friday 14th September 2001 - 9:30-10.30AM

C1 Talent Upskilling a workforce for tomorrow - A pilot's view of the National Qualifications Framework
Andrew West, CEO NZ Qualifications Authority
C2 Balance Virtual Reality: the impact of virtual organisations on the workforce
Helene Higbee, Co-director Higbee-Schaffler Ltd
C3 Results HR: Value or Expense? Measuring future business relationships
Paul Toulson, Head of Department HR, Massey University

Friday 14th September 2001 - 2.30-3.45PM

D1 Talent The war for talent: what does this really mean?
Ann Ryder
D2 Balance Temporary Staff: Facing an attitude time-warp - deterring knowledge development and contributions
Michael Richards, Working relations Expert,
D3 Results HR as an active knowledge leader in organisations
Vicki Mclaughlin, Client Manager and Rose Boyle, Knowledge Manager, Infinity Solutions


Thursday 13th September 2001 - 9:00AM - 10:30AM
Keynote Trend Spotter B2E (B2Everything): The Third Wave of the Internet
Robin Lissak, Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA
Thursday 13th September 2001 - 4:30PM - 5:45PM
Keynote   HR in the New Global Economy
Bob Morton, Head of HR Development Northern Europe, Ciba UK
Friday 14th September 2001 - 11:00AM - 12:30PM


Trend Spotter Recruiting in the Year 2005 - why we are having such a talent war and the trends that will re-craft how we acquire talent
Kevin Wheeler, President, Global Learning Resources Inc, USA
Friday 14th September 2001 - 3:45PM to 4:45PM
Keynote   Peak Performance the Meridian Way
Clive Gilson Chairperson Dept of Strategic Management, Chair HRM, University of Waikato Management School, Mike Pratt, Dean of Waikato Management School and Craig Robertson, Principal, Human Resources, Meridian Energy Limited


Friday 14th September 2001 - 8.00AM to 9.15AM
Breakfast Buzz - Panel Discussion: Paid Parental Leave - who gets left holding the baby?
Hon Laila Harre, Associate Minister of Labour; Anne Knowles, CEO NZ Employers Federation; Kirsten Patterson, HR Manager, Stagecoach




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