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2002 Conference

Why Go

Last year's conference was officially brilliant. 89% of the people who returned evaluations thought the conference was 'very good' or 'excellent'. The other 11% rated it as 'good' and must have been having a bad hair day. This year we're aiming to thrill all 100% of attendees.

We have a mixture of speakers talking about the latest thinking in HR. Five internationals will be travelling from the other side of the world especially to tell us of global trends in human resources. Two of these will be experts from the US, including Kevin Wheeler who amazed everyone with his perceptions and predictions at last year's conference. Two will be coming from Europe, one of whom works throughout the world and spends much of his time in Switzerland. Our fifth international speaker will be an Irishman who was educated in New York and Perth, gained experience in Asia and is managing Australians and New Zealanders from Sydney.

The rest of our speakers are based in New Zealand, but a high percentage of them weren't born here, which indicates that HR truly is a global profession.

There will be a mixture of practitioners, academics, consultants, a cabinet minister and even a CEO or two presenting. None of them will try to sell you anything, other than a different way to view the world we live in. They are all recognised in their area of expertise.

We are expecting to receive registrations from all over the Asia Pacific region as our reputation for delivering leading edge information has spread beyond our shores, though most of the delegates will be people like you - working in HR at the coal face.

Offering a mixture of opportunities to learn in 'how to' fringe workshops, a chance to visit interesting sites and become involved in forums and interactive sessions, as well as hearing from respected 'thought leaders' who will leave your thoughts spinning and brains full, this conference will provide lots of answers, yet will ask even more questions. The usual networking opportunities will be there along with time to unwind and reflect.

The price is the same as it has been for the last four or more conferences. With three full days of high quality sessions, most meals and all snacks covered, this has to be the best value conference on offer anywhere.

In addition we provide two days of Expo which will supply you with information on all things HR, and you will also have many chances to win substantial prizes. Last year's prize-giving took nearly an hour to dispense with dozens of great gifts from software products to wine to training courses.

If you think that nothing's changing in the world of work, or question why we must learn from a wide range of talent, including international 'gurus' when we have lots of locals who already know it all, then this conference isn't for you. This conference is for serious change agents.

It's not for the faint-hearted, nor for the wimps, so don't leave home unless you're prepared to contribute, to grow and to laugh. Make this conference the highlight of your professional development year.



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