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2001 Conference
  Inspiring Leadership

When we first started planning this conference in mid 2001 I was challenged by a colleague with the statement “Why leadership? It’s been done to death!” to which I replied “If that’s the case where are all the good leaders then? It seems we’ve still got a long way to grow.”

The theme - ‘Inspiring Leadership’ – will be approached from two specific viewpoints – (1) Inspiring [adjective] Leadership demonstrated by inspiring leaders as role models and (2) Inspiring [adverb] Leadership demonstrated by organisations that create the right environment to inspire leadership; organisations that identify and develop potential leaders.

This conference is about leadership, but it’s more than that. It’s about inspiration, influence, integration and insight. It’s about learning more about the whole business so those involved in the practice of human resources can hold their own when they take their seat at the board table or with their peers in the management team. It’s about gaining acknowledgement and respect, and it’s about earning the right and sustaining it.

Conference 2002 - Inspiring Leadership – will be another winner. Our recent conferences have gained their own acknowledgement and respect throughout the Asia Pacific region and internationally for the quality, value and innovation we provide, and this one will build on the successes of the past few years’ experiences.

With leading keynote speakers, streamed workshops, facilitated forums, discussion and debates, as well as the usual opportunities to network and relax, you’ll be encouraged, educated and ignited while you learn and contribute.

This year we’re offering four workshop streams - Inspiration, Influence, Integration and Insight – the “i”s have it!

Inspiration will be people focused, identifying leaders and leadership qualities as well as providing insights into inspiring the best from all levels of the organisation - CEOs, senior managers, human resources practitioners, employees and individuals.

Influence will look at how HR leads and is seen to be leading; measuring the value of HR; and the role HR plays in advocating and encouraging innovation and leadership in organisations.

Integration will look at moving things, involvement, sustainability and delivery. Performance management, change management, innovation management, leadership and the role of HR as a business partner will also be covered in this stream.

Insight will provide the ability to perceive clearly or deeply and to penetrate beneath the surface or perception. It will break down the myths and misconceptions surrounding some of our opinions and attitudes.

We’ll also be providing a top quality expo alongside the conference and a range of interactive opportunities to ensure you have the best experience possible.

So if you’re serious about leadership, business and human resources we’ll see you in Wellington in September.

Beverley Main
Chief Executive


President’s Welcome

On behalf of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand I’d like to invite you to join your peers and colleagues at the HRINZ 2002 conference and expo - ‘Inspiring Leadership’. We all know that good leadership is critical to the success of any organisation, but this conference will go further than ‘good’ in its quest to give you insights into what it takes to provide ‘great’ leadership at all levels of an organisation.

The Institute has concentrated on leadership in much of its activities this year, particularly throughout our branches, and research tells us that there is a strong demand to address the issues surrounding leadership, or perhaps more importantly the lack of great leadership, in the current business community.

Annemarie de Castro


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For more information, please contact the event manager Rachael Matthew or Beverley Main on
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