EXPO 2003



Why Organisational Wellbeing?

The bottom line profit produced and the return on investment to shareholders have traditionally been used to measure an organisation’s success. Even in the New Zealand public sector where many functions are delivered using a business unit model, there is a demand that most outcomes must be measured in financial terms.

For years HR practitioners have worked hard to be included as part of the business model, included in decision-making, and listened to when changes were imminent. HR people know about the co-dependent relationship that exists between people and profit, but surprisingly it still comes as a revelation to many organisations that the healthier the people, the healthier the profit. Health is measured in many ways – not just the physical state.

Are you doing enough to ensure that your organisation is maximising the best practices currently available to enhance the talent that you are responsible for, and to ensure the best possible return on investment to your stakeholders? Our government has recognised the cost of stress and fatigue in the workplace and has amended the Health and Safety in Employment Act to make abusers pay, but isn’t it a sad reflection on our values and practices that many organisations will only act if there is a fear of penalty?

The 2003 HRINZ conference will most certainly not be an OSH conference. Our conferences provide thought-leadership to those involved in HR, in an effort to move the business community forward in its thinking and behaviour. We’ll explore the working environment from a strategic position – we’re keen to encourage organisations to review their workplace strategies and make them good places to be. For those who want to create the right conditions to attract and retain the best people, and for those who want to match expectations with results, there will be huge value in attending this conference. We’ll help you to facilitate change to a better place.

Our three concurrent streams will look at Conditioning the Environment, Having a Life and Managing to Perform.

Conditioning the Environment will be focussed on the environment we create for our people to work in – broad issues concerning valuing the contribution that the people we employ make to the organisation’s success. We’ll cover career development; talent retention; motivation; emotions at work; bullying; and succession planning.

Having a Life will look at leading by example; managing stress and minimising burnout; passion; leisure and pleasure at work; work/life balance; workaholism; managing expectations; and incorporating wellness into organisational culture.

Managing to Perform will cover the realities of performance management systems in the NZ public sector; corporate mentoring; managing culture and values to build an engaged organisation; and the correlation between HR practices and bottom line results.

A wide range of top international speakers will present keynote sessions including the healthy organisation; releasing individual potential through employee wellbeing; and people perform – organisations don’t.

No conference of this quality is complete without a top-notch expo, and to prove that we can walk our talk, we’ll be offering lots of opportunities for social interaction, including networking, and of course the very best party in town.

HRINZ annual conferences have consistently led the way through quality, innovation and value. Once again we’re very proud to offer you this most significant and unique event.

Beverley Main
Chief Executive

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