EXPO 2003


Concurrent Workshops

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Day One – Wednesday 24 September: Fringe Workshops

10am to 12.30pm

  • F1 Conditioning the Environment
    Part one – Cultivating Careers: does career development increase retention or is it just rhetoric?
    David Reynolds and Carol Galloway – TMP Hudson Human Resource Consulting
    Part two – Creating an Environment of Choice
    Lynda Fraser and Dale Gray – TMP Hudson Global Resources

  • F2 Having a Life
    Having a Life – Walk the Talk
    Kim Harvey – Corporate Wellness Consultants Ltd

  • F3 Managing to Perform
    Predictable Paradoxes of Performance Management
    Dr Richard Norman – Victoria University of Wellington

1.30pm to 3.30pm

  • F4 Conditioning the Environment
    Emotions in Organisations: are they acceptable? How do organisations manage them?
    Roy Smollan – Auckland University of Technology

  • F5 Having a Life
    Stress Risk Assessment: The route to creating healthy work
    Dr Hillary Bennett – PsychAssessments Ltd

  • F6 Managing to Perform
    The Courageous Conversation
    Gerri Power – Corporate Mentoring

3.45pm to 5pm

  • F7 Conditioning the Environment
    Identifying and Retaining Talent
    Mark Kidd – MatrixOne                                     

  • F8 Having a Life
    Passion’s Fruit!
    Cassandra Gaisford – WorklifeSolutions Ltd
    Mike Fitzsimons, Nigel Beckford – Fitzbeck Communications

  • F9 Managing to Perform
    Aftermath: the social and economic consequences of workplace injury and illness
    Richard Whatman – Labour Market Policy Group, Department of Labour

Day Two – Thursday 25 September: HR Interactions

11am to 12.30pm

  • A1 Conditioning the Environment
    Creating a Bully Free Zone
    Andrea Needham, Hadyn Olsen and Matthew Fitzsimons – NoBullying Aotearoa New Zealand Institute

  • A2 Having a Life
    Maximising Leisure, Pleasure and Passion: strategies for effectively managing workaholism in the workplace
    Dr Lynley McMillan – Simply
  • A3 Managing to Perform
    Building an Engaged Organisation – managing culture and values
    Kevin Gaunt – Kevin Gaunt Associates

Day three – Friday 26 September: HR Interactions

10.15am to 11.15am: Award winning HR

2pm to 3pm

  • C1 Conditioning the Environment
    Succession Planning – career development, not position filling
    Jenni Murphy-Scanlon and Christine Williams – Inland Revenue Department

  • C2 Having a Life
    Wellness and HR Strategy
    Rachel Tobin and Stephen Archer – Wellness Solutions

  • C3 Managing to Perform
    HR’s Contribution to the Bottom Line Health of the Organisation
    Christian Dahmen – Watson Wyatt

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