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HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
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David Snowden

Transforming Organisational Culture through Complexity

David Snowden, Director,
Cynefin Centre, IBM

The Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity is a global network of members and partners which uses complexity theory to help clients achieve breakthrough results in addressing their most strategic business challenges through a diverse portfolio of pragmatic “sense-making” methods and models.

Programmes range from investigation of seemingly impossible or intractable problems to pragmatic entry into new methods and tools; and span business strategy, through culture change and knowledge management, to decision support and policy formulation.

Dave will explain how, as HR practitioners, you can apply the Cynefin sense-making model in your organisations today, leading the way in helping solve those “intractable” problems.

David Snowden is one of the founders of "Organic Knowledge Management," he is an acknowledged expert on the management of tacit knowledge and has developed a series of pioneering methods including the use of anthropological techniques for knowledge disclosure through the ASHEN model, the use of stories as an advanced form of knowledge repository (based on six years of research into story telling cultures around the world) and the Cynefin "Just in Time" model of knowledge transfer between formal and informal communities.

He regularly consults at the board level on Knowledge Strategy with some of the world's largest companies as well as to governments and non-governmental organisations. A gifted speaker and educator, he is in regular demand as a keynote speaker worldwide. His master classes in Organic Knowledge Management and Story Telling are highly rated and regularly sell out.
He is currently leading two research programmes: One is the further development of Story Techniques into advanced decision support, merger and acquisition and multi-cultural communication; the other uses Complexity Theory to link concepts from Learning and Knowledge Management. He has authored many articles on the subject and contributed commissioned chapters to two forthcoming books.

He is currently working on two books and editing two others. His own books are on the use and abuse of Story and Complex Knowledge. Dave Snowden has an MBA from Middlesex University and a BA in Philosophy from Lancaster University. He is honorary fellow in knowledge management at the University of Warwick, Adjunct Professor of Knowledge Management at the University of Canberra and teaches at the MBA programs at Warwick, Sophia Antipolis and Piacenza.

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