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HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
next practice in people management

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Bede Ashby, Momentum
Unlimited Best Places to Work

Ed Bernacki, Director, The Idea Factory

  1. Fostering Creativity: one idea at a time (presentation slides)
  2. Managing Knowledge Fostering Innovation
  3. Learning for Results

Jon and Yoshimi Brett, Directors, TetraMap International
Next Practice for Shifting Goalposts

Evelyn Gates, McDonald’s New Zealand
Presentation slides - HR Initiative of the Year

Peter and Susan Glaser, Directors, Glaser & Associates
Thriving on conflict: a communication competency approach for cultural transformation

Leanne Holdsworth, Director, Holistic Business Solutions

  1. Bringing Spirit to Work
  2. Bringing Spirit to Work (References)

Eric Lesser, Associate Partner, Institute for Business Value, IBM
Grey Matter Matters: preserving critical knowledge

Kristin Lyon, HR Advisor, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Inc
Diversity Management: a generation cohort perspective

Prof Mary Mallon, Professor of HRM, Massey University
and Jane Bryson, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University
Developing Peoples Capability in NZ Organisations: what’s happening now and what’s next

Paul Mather, Director Innovative Manufacturing, Wellington Institute of Technology
Modifying the Pattern on our Woven Pathway: the Formway Story

Dave McMillan, Director, Simply Strategic Limited
The Power of the Strategically Balanced Organisation: turning laggards into leaders

New Zealand Racing Board
Building the Heart of a Communications Matrix: the Tabnet case study

Wayne Norrie, Chief Enthusiasm Officer and Minister of Culture, Hosting & Datacentre Services Limited
The HDS Experience: an unconventional case study

Justine Reese and Mike Stenhouse, Sheffield
Driving Successful Change

David Rock, Managing Director, Results Coaching Systems
Reinventing the Manager

Alastair Rylatt, Director, Alastair Rylatt Consulting

  1. Winning the Knowledge Game - managing and measuring Know-How
  2. Winning the Knowledge Game - managing and measuring Know-How (Worksheet)

Suzie Sauer, Change Management Consultant, Johnston Penno Ltd
What Role Should HR Take in Change?

Dave Snowden, Director, Cynefin Centre
Transforming Organisational Culture through Complexity

Professor Con Stough, Director, Organisational Psychology Research
Unit, Swinburne University 
Increasing Leadership Skills Using Emotional Intelligence

Marsha Sussman, Global Partner HR Transformation, Mercer Human Resource Consulting
HR’s Contribution to the Business: creating a winning customer experience

Catherine Taylor, Kiwibank
Banking on change – you bet!

Andrea Thompson, Director, Catapult
Reinventing Ourselves and Others


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