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HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
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Change, change and more change

Dr Tom Mulholland

C1 Changing your Thinking to Improve Your Performance

Dr Tom Mulholland, Director,
The Attitude Doctor

As a businessman, medical practitioner and father, Tom has experienced varying degrees of stress and distress. He has seen it in patients and colleagues and has found a cure. He calls it Healthy Thinking™ and has written a book by the same name. A recent tour of the country talking to doctors and other health professionals was a great success. Stress is born, lives and dies between your ears. Using the techniques Tom calls Emotional Algebra™ you can potentially eliminate unhealthy emotions such as resentment, anxiety and frustration from the organism and the organisation.

This creates efficiency and has the potential to reduce lost time injury and illness and increase productivity. It also makes the workplace more enjoyable. These techniques are simple but effective. Attendees will be taught tools that can be used on themselves and taught to others. Examples of benchmarking psychometric tests will be given that measure attitudes and behaviours and can be measured via the internet on any size group.

Goal achieving behaviours and attitudes are shown that enable you and your staff to ‘live your dream, not dream your life’. Remember a dream without action is a hallucination!

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In 15 years of being a doctor and even more as being an entrepreneur, the most powerful thing I could do was to change people’s attitude. The first person’s attitude I had to change was my own. From attitudes in the workplace and home came behaviours and situations that were distressing and at times life threatening. By changing attitudes in myself, patients and colleagues I have developed a prescription for success which has been translated into a book, Healthy Thinking™.

Life is meant to be fun and taking risks is part of that fun. Over the years I have taken many risks and been to some interesting places and situations as a doctor. Having started out life as a Forest ranger then completed a first class honours degree in Molecular Biology I am a doctor with a difference. Having 7 successful start up companies I have the experience to understand what is needed to reach your goals and also the easiest way not to.

During the presentation I will use a mixture of personal and clinical anecdotes on how to eliminate stress and other unhealthy emotions. You will be taught on how to think in a healthy way. It is pain free, easy and has no side effects. Brain Surgery without the blood.

The techniques taught can be used in the home or in the business and workplace setting. In fact they can be used in any situation. Firstly the ten unhealthy emotions are identified. Once this is done the technique of Emotional Algebra™ is used to discover how you experienced these emotions. Once the cause is found you can retrain the mind to eliminate these emotions in an easy step wise method. Examples are used from personal and workplace situations. The way these emotions are learned is shown. Alternative strategies for thinking are suggested and if used can eliminate non productive emotions.

If used properly these techniques are efficient and will save your organisation time and money. They also have a positive effect on personal lives and improve quality and potentially quality of life. Changing attitudes changes lives.

Creating a meaningful vision and healthy culture is part of the equation. A Prescription for Success using the 5 Rs and the 10 Cs is given. The prescription is unique, easy and fun. Make a difference in your day and other people’s lives, reach your goals and have fun at the same time.

Dr Tom Mulholland is an author, medical practitioner, entrepreneur and adventurer. He has started a number of successful companies, raised over 3 million dollars in Venture Capital as founder of, has a first class honours degree in Molecular Biology and survived a tidal wave in Java. He has worked as an Orthopaedic Registrar and been a CEO of a technology company. He has also spent time as an Occupational Health Physician and has an interest in Aviation Medicine, himself being a pilot.

He has won numerous business awards, is an elected member of the Taranaki District Health Board, been Doctor for the Fijian and Taranaki rugby teams and had some success as a stand up comedian.

As the Attitude Doctor he is a full time mentor and keynote speaker and runs workshops on Healthy Thinking and Success. He was the Microsoft/Hewlett Packard/Telecom Business club speaker in October 2003 and has recently toured the country talking to Doctors and other Health professionals about stress and teaching his techniques which was a great success. His best selling book Healthy Thinking is a manual to be efficient and successful and how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade.

He is highly sought after as a speaker, facilitator and mentor and comes highly recommended from a wide range of audiences including his peers.

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