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HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
HRINZ Conference 2004 Shifting the Thinking
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David Reynolds

F1 Next Practice for Shifting Goalposts

Jon and Yoshimi Brett, Directors, TetraMap International Limited

Expectations are shifting. We used to think 1+1=2, yet we are commonly being asked to perform 1+1=4. Discover the secret to this equation and the key to finding the synergy within our organisations that can fuel the next paradigm of performance.

Hear how specific organisations in USA, Mexico and New Zealand have embraced Nature as a metaphor to help understand the inter-dependencies of their people and their businesses. The complexity of change and human behaviour is chunked down intuitively and the issues tackled with newfound clarity. Case in point: how can we deal with the shift from rewarding individual excellence, to rewarding synergy that is derived from inter-dependence?

Participants will take away new tools that they can immediately apply in their own leadership training programs, strategic planning processes, performance appraisal systems and culture-change initiatives.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Use metaphor to help understand people and business relationships.
  2. Use holistic strategies to plan, appraise and boost performance.
  3. Respond more effectively to shifting goalposts.

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Presentation 40%; Q&A 10%; group work 20%; forum 10%; reporting 20%




How can we develop cultures that reflect inter-dependence and responsibility in our organisations and communities? How can we develop these attributes in order to cope with the dilemmas inherent in change?

“You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983).

Recent studies into learning and brain research highlight urgent need for new models that enable people to better integrate learning into what really matters…their lives and life-enhancing sustainability. It no longer adds enough value to disseminate information, increase knowledge, and then hope that it somehow ‘comes together’ and creates the synergy needed to move forward.

Change and development initiatives require a positive context from which to build learning communities that are ripe and eager to work inter-dependently, and to create more with less. 1 + 1 must equal 4… 2 is not enough. Nature proves this equation of creating more with less on a daily basis.

In this session, experience the creation of 1+1= 4, both theoretically and practically. Learn how diversity is an essential component for synergy, and how, by understanding our inter-dependent nature, we can elegantly employ holistic thinking to find solutions.

The presenters will share how, in their 20 years of hands-on business development and corporate facilitation, they have explored, learned and applied universal principles of Nature to individual, team and organisational development. Nature offers us blatant solutions and hidden answers to many of the issues we face personally, professionally and in our communities. Using Nature as a metaphor provides a holistic approach to understanding diversity and inter-dependencies.

The Bretts’ focus on learning and facilitation gave them twelve years of practitioner-based experiences working directly with all organisational levels…from senior management in developing strategic vision, to ditch-diggers and front line staff in building communication competencies and improving relationships.

The setting of a positive learning context was found to be just as important to interventions as were the information, theories and tools used to help forge futures. Engendering openness, trust and a love of learning proved to be instrumental in attaining development outcomes.

Yoshimi and Jon Brett work as a team of two in their own New Zealand based company, which specialises in workshops and products for personal, team and organisational development. Based on 20 years of study, observation published their book, “TetraMap - How to Develop People & Business the Way Nature Intended” in 2002. They currently present to organisations and conferences in USA, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and New Zealand.

12 years ago, Yoshimi began her career in corporate training, combining her 8 years of teaching (US, Australia & Japan) with 15 years experience in various business management positions: Manager in the Natural Health Industry, Australia; Administrative Director, Greenpeace, New Zealand; General Manager, recreation/health. She has a BA in Humanities, a lifetime California teaching credential, is an NLP Practitioner and a presenter at Accelerated Learning Conferences around the world.

Jon Brett has a BSc (Auckland) in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and a Secondary Teachers Training College Diploma (Christchurch) majoring in Inter-Disciplinary Studies. Before establishing TetraMap International, he was a Technical Writer, producing manuals for computer systems and corporate training.


Presentation style is interactive, with extensive use of colour, music and props collected from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, UK, Mexico & USA. This style has been continuously refined since first presenting at the IAL (International Alliance for Learning) Annual Conference in Irvine 1998.

In January 2004 they did the opening session for the IAL Annual Conference in Atlanta Georgia. Yoshimi and Jon have also presented concurrent sessions and Pre-Conference sessions in Orlando 2001 & Houston 2002

They have also presented two years in a row at the ASTD Annual Conference, 2002 & 2003

2004 will be the 12th consecutive year Yoshimi has presented at the SOLGM (Society of Local Government Managers) Team Leaders Training Course that she and Jon now present during the final 3 days of the 5-day course.

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