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Keynote Speakers

Day Three – Friday 16 September

8.00am-8.50am - Breakfast Address

Kim Chamberlain    

The Value of Failure

Kim Chamberlain, Successful Speaking

Change and challenge are constant factors in the workplace of today. New ways of thinking, new ways of working and information overload mean that many people do not feel in control of their work. Feelings of failure may abound, but are hidden and rarely discussed.

In this success–driven world, we often don’t take the time to stop and have a look at failure. However, if used appropriately, failure is one of the most useful tools to help us achieve our goals. Failure in and of itself is neutral – it’s what we do with it that determines our ultimate outcome.

“Failure is perhaps the greatest key to success. More specifically, your response to failure is the real key. Growth in an organization only comes with stretching and risk taking. It is up to the leader to create a healthy environment where people are not afraid to fail. Mistakes should be seen as an integral part of the organizational process. They are a normal part of striving for excellence.” Andrew Harvey

Therefore if we allow for – and even promote – failure, it’s advantageous to know how best to deal with it. This session will serve as a basis for viewing failure in a positive light and gaining an understanding for being able to deal with it. The aim isn’t to avoid failure, the aim is to be able to understand it, learn from it, and use it to its best advantage.

Kim Chamberlain MA Hons Linguistics, NVQ, Dip CG, Dip FJ, ATM, APS, Professional Speaker, Communications Trainer, Author

Described as “a positive, open, friendly and inspiring woman”, Kim helps people achieve. She does this by speaking at conferences, running seminars and training programmes, organizing events, and through the books and tapes she provides. She is the founder of Successful Speaking.

A motivational and educational speaker and trainer, Kim has won many speaking awards and was the 2002/3 NZ Toastmasters National Champion. She is the founder and past president of Wellington National Speakers Association.

Her passion is to help people to learn while having fun, and she has written two educational books based on the principle. In 2000 she was voted as one of the top newsletter writers in the world.

And while she has achieved a number of things in her life, along with all of us, she’s had some wonderful failures as well!

Originally from the UK, her work history includes Careers Advice, Special Needs, Management, Freelance Writing and Business owner. She is married to Jon and has two wonderful children…and a passion for chocolate!


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