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Keynote Speakers

Day Two – Thursday 15 September

4.00pm-5.15pm - Keynote Address


Corporate Ethics: Oxymoron? How to Resolve a Dilemma

Kevin Wheeler, Global Learning Resources

It seems that in many ways the charter that governs corporations is at odds with an ethical approach to business and employees. The corporate charter is clear about one thing: that the primary responsibility of management and the board of directors is to maximize profit and return. Yet ethical practices frequently require management to make decisions that require expenditures and divert resources to purposes other than pursing profit. How does this get reconciled? How does HR deal with the tension between profit and ethical behavior? What rules and mechanisms does HR use as levers?

Kevin will take you through a brief history of corporate ethics and attempt some answers to the dilemma posed by the need to balance the corporate charter with ethical concerns.

Kevin Wheeler President Global Learning Resources, Inc. Kevin Wheeler is an author, teacher, consultant and speaker. He is President of Global Learning Resources, Inc., a consulting company focused on assisting organizations architect human capital strategies for the 21st century. Global Learning Resources helps organisations attract and build world–class talent through improvements in their human resource strategies, employee leadership and development programs and recruiting functions.

He is the author of hundreds of articles on human resource development, career development, recruiting, and on establishing corporate universities. He has worked at National Semiconductor , Alphatec Electronics in Thailand, and at Charles Schwab. He has been a member of the national ASTD Board of Directors and he serves as adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University.

His latest book, The Corporate University Workbook: Building the 21st Century Learning Organization, has just been published by Pfeiffer.


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