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Day One – Wednesday 14 September


F5 Personal Values

Donna Andonicos    

The Value Proposition

Donna Andonicos, Catalyst 3:1 Ltd

Understanding our personal values and their relationship to how we feel about our careers and the organisations we work for is often an undervalued and sub–consciously driven process. Our role in the workplace is changing and the role of the organisation in understanding this shift can often mean the difference between retaining staff and losing them. What are the many changing dynamics involved in this change process which lies at the core of success for both the organisation and its people? What is the role of HR in achieving this shift in perspective and how can the two come together to create and foster the culture and environment where both can flourish?

Our personal and work values are often an undervalued and untapped resource when it comes to understanding why we choose the roles we take, what drives us and why we feel a sense of conflict when they are threatened. Only by understanding ourselves and the role they play in our often sub–conscious decision–making process can be begin to clearly articulate them to others and use them as a powerful ally in our search for fulfilment in our careers. Topic area includes how values can be intrinsically or extrinsically rewarding; how our value system evolves through life and why; the synergies between our personal and work values; their relationship with our primary motivators; the difference between the two; how to establish your values and motivators and how to use them for effective career decision–making.

Once we understand our personal and work values and their relationship to our personal work ethic, what do we do when we experience conflict in the workplace and why does conflict occur for so many of us? Topic area includes the role of the organisation in the "value proposition"; why do corporations establish values and how much do they integrate them in to how they do business; the linkages between establishing corporate values and cultural change and why one drives the other; components required to enable cultural change (developing a culture of 'constructive challenging', an open vs blame culture, trust and knowledge sharing);the changing role of managers and employees in making the change a reality (including role models, coaching, mentoring, upward as well as downward management and taking accountability); making the connection between the value proposition, poor performance and high turnover.

What does work/life balance mean? Is the need for 'work/life balance' a real need or the latest 'buzz word'? Changes in employment law have placed the responsibility for ensuring employees have a healthy work/life balance back on to the employer but how much of the responsibility should lie with the employee? Why do some seem to have a 'balance' and other do not? What constitutes a balance for one may not constitute a balance for another. So if balance is a matter of perception, how easy is the role of HR in enforcing work/life balance policies within the workplace? Topic area also includes what are the implications for those who feel 'guilty' about needing to create more balance in their lives; linkages to personal and work values; interpreting what it means to you; barriers to having balance in our lives and the drivers behind our increasing need – whether real or perceived.

Having established the changing dynamics of the world of work and the roles within the organisation to initiate and enable change, what is the current and possible future role of HR in the change process? The reality of the situation is that HR is often perceived as the "policy police" within an organisation and the standing joke now seems to be that the 'human' has been taken out of 'human resource'. How much of the sense that HR is undervalued is due to the fact that their work is often seen as handling the 'soft stuff' and not seen to be adding value to the bottom line? Why has this change occurred? What has been the role of continued downsizing and restructuring in this change and how could HR evolve in the future? Designed as an open session, participants would be asked to contribute their point of view as to why the role of HR has changed and what they feel their role needs to be in the future. Are they happy with their current role and has the shift in the delegation of coaching and empowering staff to managers worked?

Donna Andonicos, Director of Catalyst 3:1 Ltd is a Professional Certified Career Coach, Accredited Retirement Options Coach and Life Coach. With 20 years experience in both the private and public sector she has spent the last 9 years working in the areas of Change Management, Cultural Change and Capability Development.

Now, with Catalyst 3:1 she works with individuals and teams, through in both one to one coaching sessions and workshops, to help people clarify their career direction and to develop the essential skills they'll need to successfully achieve their life goals.

As a career columnist, she writes regular feature articles for Wellington based JAM Magazine, Wellington, Auckland, Central and Canterbury Today publications, The Press and more recently went national with women's health and fitness magazine DASH.

Her range of coaching programmes and workshops covers topics such as effective career planning, corporate wellness and holistic health care, understanding human dynamics and the psychological shifts required for successful retirement planning, emotional intelligence, performance and leadership coaching.

All of her programmes are supported by her passion for coaching, her energy and ability to motivate and inspire others and a wealth of personal experience.

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Personal Values



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