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Day One – Wednesday 14 September


F8 Developing Values

Peter Walsh Annette Ryan    

Self–Esteem, Productivity and Profitability

Peter Walsh and Annette Ryan, Effective4Limited


Self esteem = productivity = profitability of your business.

If you want to create and maintain a competitive advantage, you must pay attention to the inside and the outside of your business. Traditionally business analysis has focused on the outer side of the business – on the questions of "What should we be doing?", and "How can we do it better, faster and more efficiently?".

But it turns out the inner side of the business is where the greatest opportunity for radical improvement resides. To uncover hidden obstacles within organisations you must pay attention to relationships, not just strategies.

The inner side of business contains the heart and soul of the business – it is the very lifeblood of the organisation. It is the inner side that provides the discretionary passion and emotional energy that gives any business its deep aliveness, meaning and long–term profitability. It is here where commitment, creativity and innovation live. Ignoring or mismanaging the inner side of business results in a whole array of organisational problems and failures. There is no product, service, task or innovative system that can not be sabotaged or ruined by poor attitudes and bad relationships.

Quality of relationships = success of your business

There is a direct link between the self–esteem, productivity and profitability of a business. Organisations don't make decisions people do! – Yet many organisations are trapped in focusing on task rather than on people. People do business with people and as we move to an emotion driven economy, our people become our competitive advantage. Customers want a positive emotional experience. Emotional value, as much as quality or any other dimension of an organisation's worth can make or break a business.

So how I feel drives how I behave.

These feelings, however, are not visible to the world, and are often mixed. We often talk about having mixed feelings because feelings are often accompanied by not clearly identifiable fears and our feelings are often protected by a set of behaviours that can be called defences.

These mixed feelings come from combinations like this – I want to be significant but I wonder whether I might be ignored because I feel unworthy; or I want to be competent and capable but I fear sometimes I might be humiliated or I am seen to be incapable; I want to be open and honest and like myself in your presence but there can be a lingering fear of possible rejection because I don't feel very loveable. This explains some of the complexities of interpersonal behaviour that sometimes enable me to build quality relationships and at other times feel as if I am not coping and confused.

When my ideal self matches my real self, I feel alive, in charge and highly aware. To that extent I feel significant, competent and likeable. I am non–defensive and my behaviours are inclusive, appropriately controlling or influencing and open.

In any interaction where two individuals are engaged, and the self–esteem in their inner core is intact or 'high'; then discussion will be productive because of the high level of openness and authentic presence; and that is the source of organisational profitability.

Peter Walsh – Business Behaviour –Director
Peter has combined his life's experience in research, coaching, teaching and business to become a walking library with an encyclopaedic knowledge of human behaviour.

His academic achievements and teaching career have been matched by a lifetime involvement in sport. He has gained enormous insight and inspiration from his participation as a competitor, coach, administrator and manager.

Peter offers unconditional support to clients no matter what their starting point and specialises in lifting people to achieve the potential they are capable of.

Annette Ryan – Business Tactician –Director
Annette knows business inside out. She combines her practical skills, academic learning and management practice experience to challenge the concepts of best business practice. Annette has transitioned from CEO and owner of her own businesses to trusted advisor enriched by the knowledge of human behaviour. “I help people achieve the results their strategy aims for.

“I work with my clients to discover where they are now, where they want to be and how they need to implement the change necessary to arrive. I assist clients in moving their people with them in a totally aligned strategy and process that culminates in business results for the organisation.”

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Developing Values



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