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The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional body for those involved in Human Resource Management and the development of people.

HRINZ represents the interests of 3,400+ individual members who make up around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market. Read More

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What’s coming up?

2016 NZ HR Conference & Expo

We're tucked away at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, yet we deliver on the World stage time and again and it's now our time to find "Our Place in the World."

The following speakers are just the tip of the iceberg of the quality you can expect this year:

  • Dave Ulrich, USA - World Renowned HR Professor
  • Jennifer Overbeck, AUS - Associate Professor Melbourne Business School
  • David Coats, UK - Research fellow at the Smith Institute
  • Lyn Goodear, AUS - CEO AHRI

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What’s up today?

HRINZ Survey highlights gender pay gap in HR

A recent survey of HRINZ members highlights a continuing trend of a gender pay gap.

As reported by the pay gap is in the area of $10,000 in favour of males doing the same work.

for the full press release and findings please click here

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